Friday, April 24, 2009

I am the new writer!

Hello all!

I am the new writer here! I will do my best for writing interesting articles about my addiction, I will (hopefully) to outsource some spoilers on stardoll clothes, gossip etc. But first, i would like to tell you a little bit about my "stardoll life".

I became a member on stardoll in December 2006. Then forgot my password, but received a new and getting started again, I think it was the summer of 2007. Since then I have been addicted!

I have had very many friends on stardoll. Like, a while, I just talked to some people, who later has disappeared out of my life for various reasons. I also have a dark history of stardoll ... haha. I messed with all that said nasty things to me before, but now I learned that it is what it may take as a member on the website. I was probably the probably the longest "blocked list" on the whole stardoll!

And I am a part of the Swedish elite on star doll? it depends on who you ask. I might count as that by many, but so I ask myself "what is 'elite' really"?. For me it is someone who has nice friends who they can rely on, a good self-confidence and a decent lifestyle. but you are an "elite " if you have a tangible DKNY blouse with hearts from the 2006?

According to some, it seems.

That was all for now! Don't miss me too much ;)