Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hey there! Now we've already got 5 people that want to be writers, but I'm really hoping we'll be able to get more applicants (: So, if you're interested, DON'T hesitate. You can also send your application to me by DollMail, if you don't want to put it here. Remember, i'm gudmunda92 on Stardoll ;)
Now ... there's not that much going on in our little virtual world, since we're still waiting for the next Limited Edition collection! And I bet that after that there will be loads of posts about what people think about it!
As I said, not much going on ... oh, Kasia (Undamyumbrellla) has decided to leave PerezHiltonOfStardoll, so, perhaps Dan (Danpuffs) will be getting a new writer? Now, that's a question!
Alright, that's it for today, and remember, if you want to be a writer your only way to do that is to APPLY! I will choose 3 writers (I think, I haven't really decided yet) and see how they all do. And if they do well they'll be hired permanently (:
Oh, and if someone would be ready to do a banner for us that would be PERFECT! But not until I've hired all my readers! (: Still, let me know if you're interested and maybe show me some of your work.
Thank you for reading

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